Hello, nice to meet you!

I photograph couples in love and tell their story to the world.

I also photograph babies, children and families, and get to play while I work.

I’ve photographed wonderful people and places all over the globe.  I *heart* my job!

More things to know about me:

I’ve been vegan since 2011, and along with my family we’re on a journey to learn to attain a kinder, planet loving and sustainable way of life

Shopping is not the same as buying.  I love to shop.  I could shop all day if I had my way.

I’m usually not far from my high heels.

When I’m going on a trip, one of the first things I check out is the location of the nearest Starbucks.

I love the ocean, the beach and the waves.

I love animals…all kinds, all types

My family inspires me more than they will ever know.

While I call the Toronto GTA area home, I travel throughout Burlington/Oakville, Brantford, Hamilton, Niagara and southern Ontario to capture artistic, creative and beautiful weddings for my couples. I’m also available for destination wedding photography, engagement and event photography and portrait photography throughout world.

If you aren’t from Toronto, but love what you’ve seen in my photographs, I’m available to travel for your wedding or with you for your family or event anywhere throughout the world.  Just email me with your details, and let’s set up a time to chat via Skype/Facetime or phone to talk over your plans and your dreams for your day.

My philosophy on wedding photography is simple: 

I believe that the best wedding photography is a collaboration between photographer and client.  I want to take your ideas, put my spin on them, and create a beautiful set of memories from the highlights of your wedding day.  I’m looking to develop lasting relationships, not a long list of one time only clients.   I photograph a limited number of weddings each year so I can devote my time and attention to each of my couples.  I’m not a “shoot and burn” sort of photographer and I devote personal attention to careful selection and editing of your photographs. Your finished images will show the time invested in complete editing.

It would be my pleasure and honor to be the one you trust with your most precious wedding and family memories.